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Why Your Kid Shouldn’t Be Upset if They Need Braces

Posted on September 26, 2023

braces for kids

Has your child recently received news they have to get braces? If so, they may initially be disappointed or upset about it. However, there are several reasons why braces for kids shouldn’t worry your child.

Improve Oral Health

Good oral health is important at all ages, and maintaining it goes beyond brushing and flossing. Improper tooth or jaw alignment can cause problems that may worsen with age. When your child gets braces at a young age, they’ll be on a path to avoiding gum disease, tooth decay, sleep issues, and other problems associated with misalignment.

Help Self Esteem

Childhood and the teenage years can be hard on self-esteem. So, if there is an issue with severely crooked teeth and gaps, it can impact how your child feels about themself. Having a beautiful smile to show off can help them engage more with their peers and thrive academically.

Improve Speech

Are you noticing issues with your child’s speech? As baby teeth fall out, your child may briefly have issues with certain sounds due to those gaps waiting for permanent teeth to fill them. What about once the permanent teeth are in place? If those teeth sprout in crooked, your child may have problems speaking clearly. After all, every syllable and word you make results from a combination of how the tongue interacts with the teeth. Braces for kids can ensure your child can always speak clearly when interacting with peers, teachers, and other adults. As a result, they’re less likely to feel like an outcast or get teased.

Have More Advanced Technology

Despite the long history of these orthodontic treatments, braces have recently gone through several layers of advanced technology that adults and kids benefit from. From clear braces and aligners like Invisalign, to colorful bands around metal braces to lingual braces that fit on the back of teeth, braces can be more subtle and customized than ever before.

Your child shouldn’t worry about wearing braces for a while. Depending on the severity of the alignment issue, they may only need treatment for a few months but usually no more than two years. So, whether your kid needs to correct speech issues or help with self-esteem, braces for kids can help. Contact us for a consultation.