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Best Braces-Friendly Acai Bowls in Encino

In the past decade, acai berries have gained a reputation as a “superfruit”, becoming one of the most highly sought after products on the market. Originally from Brazil, the fruit is extremely nutrient dense yet low in sugar and it’s loaded with brain-boosting...

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Braces-Friendly Valentine’s Day in Glendale

No idea what to do with your loved one this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got your back. Braces can make a life a little restrictive if you don’t know what places are available to eat at in your area. If you’re going on a last-minute Valentine’s date in Glendale, here are...

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Traveling with Invisalign

Going on a trip? Besides getting your bags packed and checking if you have the right documents, it’s also important to make sure your dental hygiene is on point throughout your travels, especially if you have Invisalign! It’s easy to get caught up in a new city and...

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Glendale Unified High School Menu Guide

It can be tricky to pack school-friendly lunches for high school students with braces. Luckily, the high schools in Glendale Unified School District have great cafeteria breakfast and lunch menus with options that students with braces can enjoy! If your child will be...

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Fun Facts About Orthodontics

The profession of orthodontics seems to be one that is self explanatory, and one that you think you may know everything about. These are some fun facts that may surprise you and teach you something that you do not know about orthodontics! For starters, one thing you...

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Holiday Fun in Glendale, CA

Looking for some holiday activities to do with your friends and family this season, but don’t want to go too far? Well, lucky for you, we’ve taken the time to make a list of some fun things to do around town this week that could be a fit for the holidays: Museum of...

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Braces-friendly Holiday Tips

During this time of year, there are lots of holiday parties and plenty of opportunities to spend time with family and friends. Holiday get-togethers mean tons of delicious and tempting foods that you’ll want to dive right into! During this time, it is important to...

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