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5 minutes a day. 64% faster results.
This is the power of Propel VPro.

vpro logoTechnology has advanced orthodontics again: Introducing Propel VPro. This new device uses high-frequency vibration to speed up the movement of your teeth to reduce the time it takes to achieve your proper tooth alignment. What’s neat about VPro is that you only need to wear it for 5 minutes a day to see maximum results! These results can actually cut your overall treatment time by 64%. This new FDA-approved technology is a serious time saver, speeding up the process of getting a great smile like never before.

You can also combine Propel VPro with the VPro+ smartphone app, which allows you to easily adjust the speed of the vibrations. It also lets you share your 1, 3, or 6-month record of you using the device to Dr. Artin or Dr. Melineh seamlessly. This allows our doctors and team to evaluate your progress to see how quickly the device is working toward moving your teeth into their optimal position.

How Does VPro Work?

VPro’s high-frequency vibrations stimulate your bone and gumline. As a result, tooth movement is accelerated, and bone regeneration is seriously improved. Not to mention, VPro works with existing orthodontics like braces or Invisalign, making it perfect for giving your current treatment a boost when it comes to results.

The 411 on Propel VPro

Your mouth is made up of different cells. Each one is responsible for facilitating the growth and movement of your teeth. By stimulating the cells with mechanical vibration, we can accelerate tooth movement, making treatment time much shorter.

Using Your Propel VPro Device

vpro devicePropel VPro comes with 4 different pieces to make it work: the Mouthpiece, the Vibration Device, a Compact Charging Case, and a Charging Cable with matching wall adapter.

How to use it:

1. Charge your device for about 6 hours before you use it for the first time

2. Download the VPro+ app on your mobile device

3. Connect the mouthpiece to the vibration device, making sure that the arrow points down at the button

4. To turn on your Vpro device, place the mouthpiece in your mouth and gently bite down for 5 minutes until the vibration cycle is complete

5. When the device has completed its treatment, it will automatically shut off

6. When you’re done; remove the mouthpiece, rinse it off with warm water and let it air dry before storing it in its charging case

VPro Tip 1:

If it’s hard to get your VPro device to connect the mouthpiece, just flip it around to see if that solves the issue.

VPro Tip 2:

If you lose your VPro device or misplace it, there is an SOS feature on the VPro+ app that makes the device light up and vibrate so that you can easily find it.

VPro Tip 3:

VPro is safe for kids, teens, and adults to use.


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