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Spark Aligners

Clear aligners are rising in popularity as many individuals search for a more discrete option for orthodontic treatment. Enter Spark Aligners: a new addition to your options of clear braces!

These aligners are discrete, comfortable, and reliable if you follow our orthodontists’ instructions for treatment. Using a material that’s clearer than other aligners on the market, Spark aligners move your teeth following your orthodontist’s treatment plan. These aligners can also offer a faster treatment plan depending on your individual needs. They use TruGEN plastic material to move your teeth after a 3D model is taken in our orthodontists’ office. This material is also more resistant to stains than the materials used for other aligner brands.

The edges are trimmed by hand and polished, so you don’t have to worry about them irritating your mouth during wear.

Spark Aligners can also use attachments for your teeth which allows your doctor to direct the forces of movement within your mouth, as well as make sure your aligners are attached to your teeth properly.

No matter what type of aligners you’re considering, it’s important to consider a certified orthodontist for your treatment. Spark Aligners is a treatment option exclusively offered by orthodontists, whereas Invisalign can be used by both dentists and orthodontists alike.

Still not sure what option is best for you? Schedule a free consultation with our orthodontists in Encino and Glendale. They’ll meet with you to recommend a treatment plan customized for your needs!

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