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Orthodontics LA is established by a team of orthodontists who also happen to be husband and wife.  With two convenient locations in Encino and Glendale they work together to deliver more than just a smile. 

With the use of low profile passive self ligating Damon braces, Orthodontics LA is able to reduce the number of office visits and provide more efficient treatment outcomes. Adults seeking orthodontic care have different options with clear braces and Invisalign. We are also providers of Invisalign and Invisalign teen. With their advanced degrees in Orthodontics, Dr. Artin and Dr. Mel are able to extend complex invisalign cases to their patients in need of clear aligner therapy.

What happens at an Orthodontics LA Consultation

Your initial consultation with Orthodontics LA will allow you to meet our orthodontists, Dr. Artin & Dr. Mel. Our orthodontists will conduct a thorough orthodontic exam, have a discussion about your concerns and how we can meet your needs. From here, a customized treatment plan will be made to fit your specifications and comfort level. Insurance information will be reviewed and payment plans provided.


Orthodontists Dr. Artin and Dr. Mel | Orthodontics LA | Encino and Glendale
  •   I am a dentist practicing in Sherman Oaks and Glendale. I've been working with Dr. Artin and Dr. Mel for all of my patients with Orthodontic needs. Every one of my patients returning from their office has positive things to say about their experience.  They are welcoming, friendly, and respectful to their patients, while delivering excellent orthodontic care.  I myself have worked with other orthodontists, but none of them have come close to the professionalism of Orthodontics LA.  It's important to me that I know my patients are taken care of, and I trust them completely to do so. Thank you!

    thumb Narbeh B.

      I have been here for 2 years in the half and It always feels good to be here. Everyone is nice and professional here. I got back my smile

    thumb Dodie M.

      Before orthodontics LA was there It was a practice by a Dr.Yu and I had braces once with him. However his retirement led to one of the most amazing experiences  I've had, when I had to get braces for the second time as many do, Dr.Artin and Dr.Mel. Dr. Artin is truly a master in his craft and goes above and beyond to deliver more value to his patients than he needs to. That is what makes him an amazing orthodontist and I would highly recommend him to anybody in the area and outside the area who is considering braces!

    thumb Maziar K.
  •   This was a really nice experience, they guided me through my braces journey really well and it was an easy and less painful than I thought and the staff are very kind and welcoming. Definitely recommend and the prices are quite good.

    thumb Jenny N.

      The people here are really really nice and ask if my wire is stabbing my gum in the back. They also have a thing called a wooden nickel which is a good incentive to not break brackets and take good care of my teeth. The office is very clean and well organized. Best orthodontist and ortho team EVER!!!

    thumb Tiffany H.

      Dr. Artin & Dr. Mel are a dynamic duo! You will love this place if you're looking for a reliable and fun orthodontic treatment/service. I got my Invisalign treatment here, originally with Dr Yu (I was sad when he announced his retirement) But I am not only super satisfied with the results that Dr Artin facilitated but also really pleased with level of customer service. The entire office & the doctors are professional, friendly, warm and helpful. Love my visits here every time, they truly take care of you.

    thumb Cathy L.
  •   Great docs! Awesome bedside manner and took their time to explain the pros and cons of treatment. Highly recommend them!

    thumb Wendy S.

      The staff and doctors at Orthodontics LA are phenomenal! Ive seen a huge difference with my smile. My dentist has even told me that he can't believe how far I've come. They have high-tech braces called Damon braces which save me time for visits. I recommend them!

    thumb Sharon M.

      Had been a patient of Dr. Yu & I'm so sad he's gone, he was wonderful. Now that it's owned by someone else.. ehh. The male orthodontist had distasteful bed side manners...really sarcastic and snobby. I work in customer service myself and if my patient or customer told me they were considering treatment other than my own I would express my concern in a polite way, as opposed to a snobby way. He saw my 4 bottom teeth had shifted and said "they're a lost cause." I knew they were crooked.. but that was a bit embarrassing. Oh well, I got what I needed, won't be coming back though.

    thumb L B.

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