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Damon Braces In Encino And Glendale

damon systemWhy Choose Damon Braces?

Our office provides the newest technology in braces. We work with DAMON self-ligating brackets. Damon braces are a tie-less system, which allows for less friction and faster tooth movement. Traditional braces often require the use of palatal expanders as well as the removal of teeth to create space. Treatment time is shorter, and fewer appointments are required. Thus, saving you time from your busy schedule. Also, Damon braces are known to provide the best looking smiles!

Damon braces differ from traditional braces because they use a self-ligating mechanism, meaning the memory wires slowly slide and adjust to the brackets. This leads to a more natural progression of the teeth’s movement because the wires are tightening little by little as opposed to regular braces, which are manually adjusted. Instead of using traditional rubber bands to hold the brackets together, Damon braces use a sliding technique to hold the wire in place. This provides the patient to move their mouths more freely and quickly.

In a study conducted by Eberting, Straja, and Tuncay, it was concluded that Damon braces yielded results significantly faster from the traditional 30.5 months, to 24.5 months. The participants that used Damon braces, on average were treated with 7 fewer appointments. The overall satisfaction scores of Damon braces was higher due to its innovative and facial enhancing features.

How Much Do Damon Braces Cost?

The average cost of traditional braces can range anywhere from $3,800 to $8,000 depending on the starting condition of a patient’s teeth. Damon Braces tend to stay within this cost range, but your Damon doctor will be able to determine your cost during your consultation visit.

Damon braces are also covered by many different dental insurance plans, making it accessible to our patients. Contact your provider to determine the cost coverage of Damon braces.

damon systemDo Damon Braces Hurt?

Damon braces have been reported to provide less pressure and friction on the teeth, making the braces experience much more comfortable. According to a study conducted by Tagawa, Damon patients reported 60% less discomfort in comparison to patients with traditional braces. Patients that have traditional braces tend to experience higher levels of discomfort due to extreme tightening that is meant to align the teeth. With the sliding mechanism that Damon braces utilize, doctors are able to apply less force to yield the same results.

If you’re interested in getting Damon braces, schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our orthodontists today. Dr. Artin and Dr. Mel are orthodontists in Encino and Glendale who are qualified to provide Damon braces to patients. Call today!


Why Choose Damon Clear Braces?

For patients that are looking for a more discreet look, we offer a clear alternative to the Damon System. Ceramic Damon system uses the same self-ligating friction-less system as Damon but with an aesthetic touch. Damon braces are a tie-less system, which allows for less friction and faster tooth movement. This equates to shorter treatment time with fewer required visits to our practice.

When comparing other invisible braces such as Invisalign, Damon braces are the least noticeable. Unlike other invisible braces, Damon braces do not have visible metal brackets or elastic ties that can yellow over time. Damon Clear braces are also resistant to staining throughout their entire treatment. Aside from their coloration, Damon braces are also used without plastic inserts, making the process maintenance and worry-free.

How do Damon Clear Braces Work?

Similar to their counterpart, Damon Braces, Damon Clear Braces function exactly the same. Their only difference is that they are clear and virtually invisible! The same technology of tieless braces still applies, and on average they are still the faster braces solution.

The biggest difference between Damon Clear braces and Invisalign is that Damon Clear braces are not removable and work 24 hours a day. Other clear braces like Invisalign, utilize elastomeric rings that are much harder to clean and can also lead to plaque buildup, bacterial collection, and gingival conditions.

Our clear Damon braces are more free, quick, and comfortable because of their slide mechanism. Our orthodontists are one of the few in Encino and Glendale who offer this option to realign teeth. These invisible braces are barely noticeable, but they are still strong enough to correct severe occlusion problems, gaps, and overcrowded teeth.

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