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What Do I Do If I Haven’t Worn My Retainer in a Long Time?

Posted on January 2, 2024


Retainers are orthodontic appliances designed to correct teeth alignment. Likely, your orthodontist will prescribe retainers after you’re done with wearing your braces. Recipients are given clear instructions regarding how often they should wear their retainers. What should you do if you fail to abide by those instructions? Learn more about the appropriate course of action by continuing below.

Determine How Long You Haven’t Worn Retainers

Your orthodontist may prescribe a similar routine for your retainers or recommend more frequent usage. In either case, you should follow what your doctor says as closely as possible.

If wearing your retainers has slipped your mind recently, you should first figure out how long you’ve gone without them. Setting that timeframe matters because it will determine if your retainers are still usable. Wearing your retainers may still be an option if you only forgot about them for a few days. Anything longer than that warrants a consultation with a medical professional.

Check How the Retainers Feel

While there’s a good chance that your retainers will still fit even if you forget to wear them for a few days, you cannot assume that’s the case. Your teeth may have already shifted enough to the point where your old retainers are incompatible. Check if that’s the case by trying to wear your retainers.

The retainers should still fit comfortably if your teeth haven’t moved. You should pull the retainers out and see your doctor if you sense any discomfort. Your retainers are also poor fits if you have to force them into position. Consulting your orthodontist is also a must if that’s the case.

Schedule a Dental Check-Up

You cannot just get a new set of retainers if your old ones no longer fit. The doctor must first examine your teeth again before they can prescribe new retainers. Your orthodontist may also recommend additional treatment based on how your teeth have changed.

Secure Dental Treatment ASAP

Taking immediate action is also necessary if you forget to wear your retainers for an extended period. Schedule your appointment for the earliest possible date so you can obtain your replacement retainers and prevent further damage. Don’t wait too long and risk undoing the positive effects of your braces.

Following your orthodontist’s instructions is critical to maintaining your smile. Neglect your retainers for a short period and you could be saddled with more significant dental issues. Contact us today and let Orthodontics LA handle all your retainer-related concerns!