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Why You Should Abandon Any Misconceptions About Braces for Adults

Posted on November 5, 2022

Orthodontics LA - Why You Should Abandon Any Misconceptions About Braces for Adults

Do braces remind you of teenagers with mouths full of metal? If that’s the case, then you should rethink your understanding of braces. It’s important for people of all ages to take the necessary steps to align their teeth. Today, most people are familiar with the importance of having straight teeth. What you might not know is that, according to the American Association of Orthodontists, one out of every three orthodontic patients is an adult. Here’s what you need to know about braces for adults.

Improved Self-Esteem

Most adults with orthodontic issues are very self-conscious about their smiles. It can be difficult to smile or show your teeth confidently if your teeth are not properly aligned. Fortunately, braces can help. You will find that the majority of adults who get braces do so to boost their self-esteem. A perfect smile helps many people pave the way for better mental health and confidence. After braces, you’ll feel confident smiling and showing your teeth anywhere you go. This new confidence can in turn help your relationships, social life, and even your career. Generally, all you need to do is go through six months to two years of braces for adults to enjoy the rest of your life with a better smile.

Fresher Breath

Having crooked teeth makes it difficult to properly clean your teeth and mouth. As a result, food ends up getting stuck in areas that are difficult to reach with your toothbrush. This leads to bacteria buildup and can result in halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath. Braces help you to brush your teeth more effectively. Braces correct issues like overcrowded or crooked teeth, making it easier for your toothbrush and floss to reach all areas of your mouth. With aligned teeth, you can have fresher breath which can also be a huge confidence boost.

Smoother Speech

Did you know that orthodontic issues can affect the way you speak? The way your tongue moves over and against your teeth affects the way you pronounce certain words. As a result, improper alignment can negatively affect the way you speak. Some words can come out with a slight whistle, and you might experience a lisp when you speak. Braces ensure that your teeth are arranged properly, which is especially helpful if you have problems with public speaking.

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