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Why is it Better to Get Braces at a Young Age?

Posted on October 4, 2022

braces for kids

During the early stages of a child’s development, the body is relatively malleable because it is still growing. The same applies to a child’s bones and teeth. As a child reaches adulthood, their bones begin to get more rigid and fixed in place. While there isn’t an age limit for orthodontic treatment, braces for kids provide relatively quick and highly effective results. Here are just a few of the benefits of getting braces at a young age.

Braces for Kids Have Many Benefits

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, seven years old is the best age to be evaluated by an orthodontist. At this age, children may still have their baby teeth, which will fall out eventually. This allows orthodontists to take a preventative approach. Braces for kids can address overcrowding before adult teeth come in, guiding them into the correct position.

A child, especially one under ten years old, who gets braces early can protect their gum health in the future since thoroughly flossing and brushing aligned teeth is generally much easier than it is with crooked teeth. Braces for kids also address speech and facial development issues before they can become severe. Since the development of the jaw and teeth can significantly impact a child’s overall development, the timing of orthodontic treatment is important.

Early Intervention Can Break Treatment into Phases

Orthodontists frequently plan early orthodontic intervention in phases. At the beginning of the treatment plan, the patient may wear a retainer or a growth-modifying appliance. Young patients may also be recommended to wear a palatal expander that helps to create more room in the mouth. In the second stage of the treatment plan, the orthodontist typically installs braces for kids. The first phase ensures that the second phase is as effective as possible by reducing overcrowding.

If your child’s dentist has brought up concerns about potential teeth and jaw alignment issues, getting them evaluated early is the best course of action. However, it’s never too late to get braces. According to the American Orthodontics Association, people aged 18 years and older account for slightly over 20% of all orthodontic patients. No matter your age, the benefits of orthodontic treatment can be transformative. If you or your child need to see an orthodontist, call the expert team at Orthodontics LA today to make an appointment.