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Why are Adult Braces More Common Than You Think?

Posted on July 28, 2023

adult braces

Often when we think of braces treatment, we think of teenagers. This is the most common age for people to have orthodontic treatment for their teeth, however, more and more adults are getting braces treatment today. It’s estimated that there are 4 million Americans in braces. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, many of which are adults. Let’s look at some factors that contribute to adult braces.

Lack of Orthodontic Care in Childhood

In most cases, an adult will seek out orthodontic care because they were not able to get access to this care as a child or teen. This could be due to a lack of quality providers in their area, lack of insurance, or lack of financial means to pay for braces. Braces are a cosmetic dental service, and sometimes families must choose to forego this type of service for financial reasons.

Poorly Done Previous Orthodontic Care

Sometimes a person will need adult braces because the orthodontic care they received as children was done poorly. If braces treatments were not done effectively, the patient may still deal with crooked teeth later on. Orthodontic care is never guaranteed to be permanent, but when it’s done properly, you can expect it to last for some time.

Lack of Proper After Care

Many people don’t realize that the way you care for your teeth following orthodontic treatment is crucial to the overall outcome. When a child or teen completes braces treatment, they will be given a list of instructions on how to care for and maintain their newly straightened teeth. This aftercare often includes the use of a retainer. A retainer is a dental device that needs to be worn for a part of each day. This device will help to maintain the straightening that the braces produced. If a person doesn’t wear the retainer, the teeth can slip back into their old positions, resulting in crooked teeth again.

If the teeth slide back into their previous position, a person may need follow-up orthodontic care as an adult. This could result in the need for adult braces. While proper orthodontic care and follow up can’t prevent the need for treatment later on, we understand that life happens! If you’re in need of adult braces or would like to learn more about orthodontic care, please contact us today.