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What You Need to Know About the Cost of Braces and Financing Options

Posted on June 8, 2021

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Braces are essential for addressing dental conditions such as crossbites and overbites. According to the American Association of Orthodontics, more than 4 million Americans have braces. One of the concerns for many patients is the cost of the procedure. Here are some factors that affect the price of orthodontic devices and how to get braces financing.

Advances in Treatment Procedures

Orthodontics has come a long way since the advent of the first braces. In the 70s, orthodontic appliances were uncomfortable for patients. But in recent times, dental devices have become more accessible and cost-effective.

Braces financing is available for whichever orthodontic treatment option you decide to go with. The least expensive are metal braces, which are not as cumbersome as their predecessor but are more conspicuous. Modern braces have heat-activated metallic wires that use thermal energy to move teeth.

Treatment Benefits and Braces Financing

Ceramic is another type of material that orthodontics use for brackets. They are more expensive than metallic devices, but they solve many issues that plague traditional appliances. For example, they are less conspicuous because their color can match that of your teeth. The duration of the treatment is another factor to consider when looking for braces financing. However, the treatment options will largely depend on the orthodontic diagnosis.

Treatment Times and Costs

The cost of braces could also vary depending on the amount of time the treatment takes. The procedure is less expensive for children and adolescents because the recovery period is shorter. Their supple gums and bones are more responsive to orthodontic appliances. Braces for adults take much longer and are more expensive. For people with overcrowding or severe malocclusions, you may require an extensive procedure. The orthodontist may have to extract some teeth to restore alignment. Some patients may also need jawbone surgery. Although, at Orthodontics LA, we utilize Damon Braces which reduce the need for tooth extractions.

Orthodontists Costs and Varying Procedures

Another reason the cost of braces may vary is due to the different orthodontic techniques across the industry. Like all other industries, the equipment and treatment plan may require more resources and specialized skills. If your condition is severe, your procedure may be more expensive.

Monthly Payment Plans

Some orthodontists work with lenders to provide braces financing programs for their clients. You can take advantage of the payment plan, which is less costly than traditional lines of credit. It is also more comfortable for patients, who will be paying as they undergo treatment.

Braces Financing and Insurance

Most health insurance policies do not cover braces unless they are medically necessary. Some providers may have full coverage for orthodontic devices. However, they often cover metal braces only. You’ll have to pay the difference in cost. In all states, Medicaid can cover orthodontic treatment for children. The minimum requirement is that it must address a medical condition, pain, or infection.

The cost of braces will ultimately depend on your condition. You may have Invisalign in mind when you visit the orthodontist, but sometimes metal braces are a better option. Contact the Orthodontics LA staff to review your insurance benefits and financing options for your braces at 818-708-4909.