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What to Know About Invisalign Aligners

Posted on April 21, 2020


Some people don’t like the idea of wearing braces because they don’t understand how they work and the dental technology that’s used. However, with the right orthodontist, you may not have to worry about actual metal dental braces.

There are many issues that can be solved by dental braces. For example, crooked teeth may have a significant impact on your self-esteem. This is one of the biggest reasons that people seek orthodontic treatment. However, there are a lot of things that come into play with misaligned teeth beyond just aesthetic issues.

Oral hygiene may also be impacted as it becomes harder to reach spaces between the teeth. Rea

Do You Need Braces?

You can get braces at any age. There are braces for adults, braces for teens AND braces for children, which means that there is an opportunity to align your teeth no matter where you are in life.

Most people consider braces for aesthetics, but braces also help to correct any bite issues you may have. If your teeth are not meeting at the correct angle, you may have a bite issue that needs to be fixed.

The effectiveness of your braces treatment will ultimately depend on how much you follow instructions and guidance provided by your orthodontist. Here’s a guide on what you should know about orthodontic treatment with aligners regardless of your age.

1. It’s Not Only About Straight Teeth
Most people think that braces and aligners are used to straighten teeth. While this is one of the significant benefits of braces, it is not the only reason why people consider them.

If you have been having jaw problems, you could be a candidate for having that issue remedied by braces. While some extensive issues may require surgery, that are many options that could help to correct your jaw alignment without an invasive procedure. It all depends on your individual situation.

The key point to know is that straight teeth are not the only reason for looking into braces or aligners. There are many other things that may be fixed with orthodontic treatment.

2. You Can Fix Your Bite
Besides determining whether your teeth are straight, your orthodontist may consider fixing your bite using braces.
As highlighted earlier, it is not all about aesthetics. It is also about fixing other issues that could be altering the effectiveness of your teeth and jaws.

If you feel that your jaws are gliding or exhibiting too much abrasion, it may be wise to consider braces or aligners to fix the problem. You need to make sure that the upper and the lower teeth meet perfectly while at the same time minimizing gaps. When you schedule a free consultation to be evaluated for braces, our orthodontists will take necessary records to examine what ultimately needs to be corrected in your specific case.

3. Work with an Expert
The relationship between orthodontics and dentists is sometimes confusing. Most people don’t know whether to seek orthodontic treatment or visit a general dentist when they are looking for clear braces.

A general dentist is great for other dental considerations, but orthodontists have more insight into fixing issues with alignment. Experienced orthodontists who have been in the industry for many years will have more experience using braces or aligners to fix a wide variety of issues.
Working with experts will guarantee qualified service and optimum results.

4. Take Everything into Consideration with Braces
It’s wise to know that there are different treatments for different types of issues, so every person will have a different plan when it comes to braces. If there is only a simple issue, you may not need a comprehensive aligner plan to treat it.

People searching for clear braces treatment may not fully understand what treatment incorporates or what they will need for their own issues. That’s why it’s important to seek an experienced orthodontist so you can fully understand what treatment type would work best for you.

5. Treatment Period
On average, your teeth should be straight in about two years of using braces. It is the average period for using braces, but with any medical treatment, this can change depending on what is needed for your specific case.

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