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What Happens If Your Orthodontic Treatment Is Interrupted?

Posted on December 1, 2023

cost of braces

Orthodontic treatment is carefully designed and implemented to ensure your teeth or bones are correctly aligned. Braces remain one of the most popular treatment options. Most people must wear braces for an average of two years, according to Healthline. However, certain things may interrupt treatment, like the cost of braces or a broken bracket. An interruption in treatment has several consequences.

Movement Reversal

Orthodontic treatments work by slowly applying continuous pressure to the teeth to force them into a new position. Treatments like braces help guide the teeth into those new positions. However, if treatment stops in the middle of the treatment plan, teeth will slowly start to move back to their original position. Patients whose plan is interrupted for an extended period may have to start their treatment plan from the beginning.

Poor Outcome

Orthodontic treatment plans are designed to achieve the desired result in a specific time frame. The treatment plan must be followed for this to happen. If treatment isn’t consistent, the results might not be what you hope for. You may wind up with some of your teeth out of alignment while the others are in alignment. This is common if braces are broken and not repaired for months.

Extensive Cost

The cost of braces is one reason why treatment may be inconsistent, but ignoring problems due to the cost is counterproductive. Patients who have to spend more extended periods on treatment plans because the treatment is interrupted will spend significantly more on the total cost of braces compared to patients who follow their treatment plan. Addressing problems with an orthodontist as soon as possible can help save you money in the long run.

Oral Health Issues

Having teeth in proper alignment is more than just something people do for aesthetic appeal; many opt for treatments like braces to solve oral health issues. It is challenging to brush and floss teeth that need to be aligned, especially if you have issues like overcrowding. Plaque and bacteria will build up in hard-to-reach areas between teeth, resulting in tooth decay and cavities.

The best thing to do is work with your orthodontist. Communicate problems with the team. If there are problems with treatment, your orthodontist will work with you. Contact us at Orthodontics LA today to learn more about orthodontic treatment and plan options.