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Ugliest Braces On The Big Screen

Posted on March 19, 2018

These days, braces are not the eyesores they used to be. Traditional braces are perfectly acceptable, and are seen as a normal part of growing up. Some of your favorite television show characters rocked braces like it was an accessory, but… others were not so lucky.

To make you feel better about your braces, we decided to compile the most obnoxious braces in television history. Enjoy!

1. Lisa Simpson

In this episode, Homer loses the family’s dental plan (cue the music) right before finding out that Lisa needs braces. Since they needed “more affordable” braces, Lisa ends up with this contraption in her mouth.

2. Sid from Toy Story

Even we were scared of this kid from Toy Story. His braces made him look even scarier! The other toys were terrified of Sid. But don’t worry, it wasn’t because of his braces – he was just a psycho.

3. Katy Perry

Who could forget this gem. Katy Perry embraced her awkward teenager side in the music video for her song, “TGIF”. With that in mind, she rocked some pretty obnoxious looking head gear.

4. Darla

Do you not remember her? Wait. You might know her better as: *GASP* Darla! She worked a pretty intensive braces-and-headgear combo for her role in Finding Nemo. At 8 years old, she’s may seem younger than most people who wear braces, but getting two-phase braces is actually growing in popularity nowadays. Pediatric dentists, like Dr. Nanna Ariaban in Alpharetta, now recommend getting an early orthodontic screening for braces to correct jaw problems and teeth development early on. 

While these were certainly fun to look at, you have nothing to worry about! We would never do this to you. Thankfully, the headgear is not something orthodontists recommend these days. There are plenty of aesthetically appealing braces options to choose from. Metal braces are more inconspicuous than ever, and you can customize the rubber bands every few months so that you coordinate your braces with your favorite color.  And if you still aren’t sure about that, you can always choose Invisalign.

Here at Orthodontics LA in Encino and Glendale, we have plenty of non-ugly braces options for you! Get started on the journey to perfectly straight teeth and book an appointment for a consultation today. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you look cool.