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Top 3 Misconceptions About Braces

Posted on October 24, 2019

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are about 4 million Americans wearing braces today. However, when a person is advised to wear braces — or have their child wear braces — there is typically some level of debate. Even though braces can improve a person’s smile on a cosmetic level, prevent chronic pain and eating issues, and strengthen the bite, some people balk over certain concerns. Some are hesitant about the discomfort that can come with applying and adjusting braces, especially when considering braces for kids.

Many of the hesitations regarding braces are based on widespread misconceptions about them. Braces have come a long way in recent years, and the orthodontics industry now offers a variety of different options for people with specific concerns. Let’s look into some of the main misconceptions people have about braces and orthodontics — and why they shouldn’t stop you from getting the treatments that orthodontists advise.

1. Braces Are Painful
Whether you’re looking for braces for yourself as an adult or something for your kids, nobody wants to deal with discomfort when having orthodontics procedures done. While it can sometimes be impossible to avoid all discomfort, most orthodontics procedures performed today are minimally invasive and cause little pain. In fact, Orthodontics LA uses the Damon System of Braces, which ensures great comfort throughout treatment. These braces have a unique slide mechanism that allows lighter forces, so your treatment is more comfortable. Plus, they don’t have to be tightened, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

At most, when braces are applied, you may feel a bit of soreness for the first few days, which can be alleviated by something as simple as an ice pack, over-the-counter pain relievers, or even rubbing your gums.

While there may be a little bit of pain following these procedures, the discomfort that is experienced by those who don’t pursue these treatments is often far worse. An overbite may not seem like more than a cosmetic issue at first, but the side effects of leaving these types of issues without treatment can cause soreness or even permanent damage to your teeth and jaws. Some complications can even lead to the need for surgical intervention down the road, which is why most people are encouraged to get braces when they’re young.

2. Braces Aren’t Worth It For Adults
Many people don’t like the idea of getting braces as adults. Braces are often associated with childhood, but children don’t typically have a say as to whether or not they have this treatment performed. So if our parents pass on braces, we’re left to handle them as adults.

You may feel that the issues you’re dealing with as adults are permanent and cannot be corrected through braces and other orthodontics procedures once you’re fully grown. This isn’t the case. It may take a little longer, but you can get the results that you want out of orthodontics procedures regardless of your age.

3. Braces Will Look Unattractive
Kids and adults alike can be embarrassed by the appearance of braces. Adults often dislike the childish association with braces; they want to be taken seriously and feel that braces will prevent that. However, there are alignment options available today that are incredibly subtle. Invisalign braces are virtually impossible for people to detect unless they look very closely. While you’ll know that you’re getting the treatment that you need, nobody else has to. You shouldn’t be ashamed of having braces, no matter how old you are. But if it’s easier to wear braces that aren’t as easily detectable, you should take full advantage of the Invisalign option. Ceramic braces are another viable option as well, as the brackets are clear and less noticeable.

Now that you understand the truth behind these common misconceptions, it might be time to talk to our orthodontists about the dental alignment options that may be available to you. You don’t have to let your fears hold you back from getting the smile you’ve always wanted. For more information, please contact our offices today.