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There’s No Need to Fear Traditional Braces

Posted on June 15, 2021

There's No Need to Fear Traditional Braces

Improving yourself can be a tough uphill battle. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or shoot for a new career, it’s always nice to find shortcuts that make you look or feel better. Braces can be one of those routes that aren’t low quality and actually measure up to reality.
When you decide to get traditional braces from a reliable orthodontist, you’ll be investing in yourself through proven technology that works. As a simple and effective way to get the smile you’ve always wanted, take a look at the reasons below why traditional braces might still be the easiest way to improve yourself.

“Traditional” Means “Proven”

Traditions are something that people keep around for good reasons, and traditional braces are no different. To put it simply, wires and brackets work for correcting teeth into straight lines and wonderful aesthetics, and the materials they use only continually improve. If they didn’t work, braces would have been abandoned a long time ago for something far more fruitful. “Traditional” simply means “proven!”

More in Common Than Ever Before

Unlike even a couple of years ago, more adults and children are wearing traditional braces than ever before. Part of this is because there are lots of wonderful orthodontists around willing to ply their trade, but there has also been an upward trend of social acceptance for people improving themselves in general. Having braces now is about as common as having a gym membership or trying to eat a clean diet. In most cities around the world, people look at those who have braces as obviously trying to improve themselves. When you wear traditional braces and look around, we think you’ll find out that you have more in common with people than ever before

People Have Found Ways to Accessorize Them

Did you know that the American Dental Association reports that 70 percent of braces are worn by females? With such a large number of braces on the more fashion-conscious gender, this means that there have been a variety of amateur designers, stylists, and influencers who have found a way to make braces cool. Instead of dreading your traditional metal braces and thinking they might distract from your outfit, orthodontists have noticed that it doesn’t seem to slow anyone down from looking their best and feeling great. Perhaps it’s because when you get traditional braces, your confidence soars, and your creativity is naturally expansive to follow. Have no fear that you’ll be stuck in a dead zone of fashion when you receive traditional braces because others certainly aren’t!

They Could Be Free

We know that you might disbelieve the headline above, but did you know that your braces could be totally free? That’s right, if you have a dental insurance plan through your work or some other organization, they might pay for 100% of your braces treatment. Especially traditional braces, which have already been proven to insurance companies as low-risk value enhancements, are commonly the type that are covered everywhere. This can mean the difference between paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for the latest technology or invisible braces instead of getting reliable braces treatment paid for in full. If you’re unsure about whether you could be covered for braces, we’d urge you to check on your insurance situation and find out more.

The Best Value in Orthodontics

There are lots of prospective patients who won’t even consider getting traditional braces because of the cliches and myths around them. From fearing the end of their fashion life to seeing them as “outdated technology,” we hope that we’ve proven to you that none of that is true. Yes, they are still mostly brackets and wires, but the metals and materials are stellar compared to even 10 years ago. Instead of opting for more expensive, non-traditional braces that might not be covered by insurance, go with the proven option and be confident that you’ll receive a wonderful smile. When you’re ready to experience the best value in orthodontics, be sure to consult Orthodontics LA at the location nearest to you for more information!