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The Complete Process of Braces: How Aftercare Is Just as Important

Posted on August 3, 2023

cost of braces

If you’ve been told that you need to get braces, it could be for several different reasons. Your treatment could be designed to correct an aesthetic or to prevent bite problems that could make eating and talking difficult later on. Whatever the case, you are likely unsure of what the whole process involves and what the cost of braces includes. We’re here to help you with everything. Read on to learn more about the complete process of braces.


The first thing that the orthodontist will do after explaining the cost of braces and possibly any financing options, is take high-resolution images of your mouth. They will see how certain teeth need to move, in order to achieve your perfect smile. They may even assess if any teeth need to be removed to prevent overcrowding when the teeth eventually move into place.

Once the orthodontist has your plan outlined, they will put brackets on the front of your teeth, and then run wires through them. They may then put rubber bands on the braces, depending on your situation. They’ll brief you on how to take care of your braces and provide you with information on your unique treatment schedule. This is where your treatment officially begins!


At first, the braces may irritate your gums. This is normal since your mouth is not used to anything rubbing up against your gums. They will heal fast, and you will likely not have this problem again. Over the course of the treatment, you will visit the office regularly so that the orthodontist can tighten the wires to get your teeth in place. This will lead to some discomfort, but it should quickly fade.

Throughout your treatment, you will have to watch your diet. There are certain foods that will cause problems with your braces, such as sticky food and sugary candies. Your orthodontist will share advice on what food to avoid during your treatment.


Your journey isn’t over when the braces come off. One part of the aftercare involves wearing a retainer. Don’t ignore this part, or your teeth could revert to their old position. Take care of your teeth and you’ll achieve your dream smile.

Are you wondering about the cost of braces? Are you unsure of whether orthodontic treatment is right for you? Contact Orthodontics LA today for a consultation and have all of your questions answered!