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Take Better Care of Your Smile and Have Your Teeth Straightened

Posted on August 25, 2020

Orthodontics LA

Per the American Dental Association, nearly 70% of orthodontic patients are female. Nowadays, people of all ages are more concerned about caring for their teeth, especially straightening them. Braces are the top treatment option for straightening teeth, and there are many options available. Technology has made it possible to speed up treatments while also making braces for adults and braces for children more comfortable to wear. The function, design, and shape of modern braces have improved tremendously.

Modern braces have been designed to individually move teeth in a very specific manner. Every tooth movement is precisely customized to your mouth and individual treatment needs. Many years of development and research have helped to create the ideal angulation, accurate amount of tip, and perfect final position for each tooth. The specific design for braces started in the late ’70s. Wire bending was the way to get teeth to angle or tip in the position that would fully straighten teeth. In fact, orthodontists were first called “wire benders.”

Choose from Different Types of Sophisticated Braces

Today there have been many developments to improve wire technology. These advancements have helped move teeth more efficiently in less time and with less discomfort. You can thank space-age technology for those advancements. NASA scientists have developed metals, which are typically used in space, that are now available for use with modern orthodontics. This type of light wire has the distinct characteristic of being able to maintain its shape no matter how much a patient’s teeth must move to be corrected. Being able to maintain the shape without being bent or distorted gives teeth the ability to move consistently and efficiently. Since the wire is light and provides a constant force, teeth are gently moved into position in a manner that doesn’t hurt nearly as much as the older, less advanced braces did that required constant tightening.

How Do the Wires Stay in Place?

The wire for braces needs to stay in place. How is it possible to keep them in place so they continue to do their job? Technology has provided a way for the wire to stay in place using tiny rubber bands that come in a variety of colors. A hinge or door type mechanism is used to clip them in place. In the past, wires were tied in place with thinner, smaller wires called ligature ties. Those wires could be felt by patients as they were tightened on brackets. Sometimes, they are still used now for harder to move teeth since this technique is still quite effective for moving teeth. However, Damon braces use a different type of technology. They use a tieless system, where the brackets open and close just like a door as the wire adjusts.

Braces Can Become a Fashion Statement

Tiny rubber ties come in many colors, so you can make them a fashion statement that matches hair or clothing. You can show how excited you are to have braces since it’s a positive step forward concerning your dental health. Colored ties can be changed too, so you have a chance to choose new colors when it’s time. Who knew getting braces could have such a fashionable impact?

Your Orthodontist Can Help Choose the Type of Braces Best for You

Every patient is different. The days of having just one method of teeth straightening for all are over. Schedule a consultation with an orthodontist to discuss which types of braces are better for you. You can choose from traditional metal braces, Damon braces, clear ceramic braces, Invisalign, and more. Patients will also learn more about how to floss and brush their teeth while wearing braces. Basically, you still brush and floss like normal, but you need to do so more often and especially after you finish eating. The goal is to minimize stains and tooth decay while wearing braces.

What You Can Expect from Braces

There is a little soreness or tenderness when you first get braces. However, your mouth won’t be sore for long. Your mouth is adjusting to having braces and that takes time. It is common to experience a little irritation for up to two weeks until you get used to your braces. Feel free to call our office with any questions you may have about getting started with orthodontic treatment!