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It’s Clear to See the Amazing Advances in Orthodontic Technology

Posted on June 4, 2021

Orthodontics LA - It’s Clear to See the Amazing Advances in Orthodontic Technology

Nearly 4 million residents of the U.S. are wearing braces, with 75% of them being younger than 18 years of age. Now is the best time for orthodontics as well as orthodontic technology. This is the century of advances and amazing innovations for braces. Today, treatment is more precise, quicker, more convenient, more patient-friendly, and more efficient. Smiles are being transformed without braces being nearly as noticeable.

Clear Ceramic Braces and Invisalign Are Behind it All

Today, there are many options for braces, making it easy to invest in the best orthodontic technology. Long gone are the days of being embarrassed by a mouth full of metal. Clear braces have opened up aesthetically pleasing orthodontic treatment for adults, teens, and kids.

What Exactly Are Clear Braces?

Clear braces function a lot like metal brackets on traditional metal braces. The main difference is that the brackets are ceramic and can be designed to match the precise color of a patient’s teeth. Being able to match a bracket system to teeth is a cosmetic benefit that is truly appreciated. Ceramic brackets are also more stain-resistant. They help protect smiles and keep patients looking their best while going through treatment.

Damon Clear Braces Offer a More Discreet Look

Another clear tooth alignment alternative is the Damon System. The Damon System utilizes both clear and metal braces, with the clear being more discreet. The clear tieless braces use the same self-litigating friction-less system as the metal Damon braces. Patients experience a shorter treatment time along with fewer visits required.

When compared to Invisalign, the Damon System is still the least noticeable. There are no visible metal brackets or ties that tend to discolor over time. Damon clear braces won’t stain throughout treatment either. The process doesn’t use plastic inserts, so the process is worry and maintenance-free.

Straighten Smiles Invisibly with Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular way to straighten misaligned teeth with removable clear aligners. When you don’t want metal brackets or don’t want to deal with traditional braces for your kids, Invisalign is an ideal choice. It is a metal-free option that gradually moves teeth and corrects bites.

Invisalign Teen Is Fast Becoming the Choice for Many

It’s a hassle trying to keep teeth clean with metal braces. Even the teeth-straightening process of using metal braces can make it difficult to speak and eat. Invisalign Teen has been changing how teens and their parents look at braces and is fast becoming a top choice for many.

What Happens After the Use of Clear Braces?

After your teeth have been aligned and you have a beautiful smile, you will need to start using clear retainers to avoid relapse and preserve your straightened teeth. Retainers are much better than they were a decade ago. Now there are different types of retainers available, including clear, Hawley, and fixed retainers. All but the fixed retainers are removable.

Set Up an Orthodontic Treatment Consultation

When considering braces for your child or teen, it helps if you know which method is best for them. Schedule an orthodontic consultation to have their oral health evaluated. Friendly and caring orthodontists will discuss innovative orthodontic treatment options. The goal is to help them obtain a functional, healthy, and attractive smile without the embarrassment of a mouth full of metal. Learn more about clear braces and orthodontic technology that can help your child achieve a beautiful smile and sustain great oral health.