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How to Prepare Your Child for Their Orthodontic Treatment

Posted on October 18, 2021

Orthodontics LA - How to Prepare Your Child for Their Orthodontic Treatment

Getting your child ready for their orthodontic treatment is easy when you know where to start. About 4 million people wear braces. Of that 4 million, 75% are under the age of 18 (per Kid’s Health). Helping your child navigate the process will help reduce their stress.

Educate Them

Orthodontists recommend children begin orthodontic treatments as early as seven years old. The first thing you can do to prepare your child for this type of treatment is to educate them on the process. Understanding what will happen at the orthodontist appointment will help to ease their minds and get them prepared.

Remember to remind them how many other people wear braces and how braces can help. Learn as much about the process as you can so you can convey the information to your child using language that they will understand.

Point Out People You Know That Wore Braces

Share your story with your child if you wore braces, or point out other relatives, friends, and family that have worn braces. Sharing personal experiences with your child will help to prepare them for orthodontic treatment.

Search online for celebrities that have worn braces. If your child plays sports, look for athletes that have worn braces. Making braces more familiar to your child and more relative will help get them ready.

Buy New Oral Health Care Tools

Make it an event to go and purchase new oral health tools like toothbrushes, a water jet cleaning device, floss picks, and rinses. Spend an afternoon buying the oral health care tools your child will need after the orthodontic treatment to help get them excited for their upcoming appointment.

Talk about what each tool does and why it is important that they have one. Practice oral health care together.

Normalize the Process

Kids are far more intuitive than adults because they have yet to develop the filters that adults have. Your child will be able to read your apprehension if you are apprehensive. Stay calm, cool, and collected to help keep them relaxed.

Be Prepared

Right before they begin orthodontic treatment, take your child with you to the grocery store to stock up on soft diet foods that they will need for the first couple of days after their appointment. Let them choose their foods.

A little effort can go a long way in preparing your child for orthodontic treatment.