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A Day-To-Day Look Into Having Braces

Posted on September 28, 2023

teen braces

Teen braces are a common type of orthodontic care. It’s important for teenagers to be aware of what they can expect on a day-to-day basis with braces care and living with braces in general. Let’s look at a few things your teen can expect once they’re dealing with braces every day.

New Attention

Teen braces are often a source of anxiety for young people because they’re afraid that having braces will make them stand out too much. It’s true that at first when you have braces put on, you might get a little bit of attention for it. People are likely to ask you questions. They may want to know when you got them put on, when they’re coming off, and if they hurt. This is normal curiosity and shouldn’t make anyone feel self-conscious. Usually, this curiosity will disappear in a few days, and everyone will just accept the braces as part of their physical appearance now.

Facial Changes

You might start to notice changes to your face and mouth. The braces are definitely going to make changes in the position of your teeth and can even change the shape of your mouth as well. It’s okay to feel like you look different. The point of braces is to make a change in your physical appearance. These changes will be subtle, however, and at the end of treatment, you’ll still look like you but just with an improved smile.

Speech Pattern

The first few days or weeks of teen braces will likely have an effect on the way you talk as well. This is perfectly normal. Your tongue will need a few days to get used to something being in your mouth. You might also be a little bit uncomfortable the first few days and this can contribute to changes in the way you talk as well. As you get accustomed to the braces, your speech will return to normal.

Retainer Wear

Retainers are often an important part of orthodontic treatments. If you’re given a retainer to wear, you need to follow the instructions precisely. The success of your teen braces will depend on how well you follow the directions of your orthodontist.

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