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7 Tips on How to Finance Your Adult Braces

Posted on November 27, 2019

Do you have misaligned teeth but would love to have a beautiful smile? Worry no more! Adult braces or aligners are your ultimate solution. But these dental devices are often pricey — and getting dental insurance coverage isn’t always possible.

Health insurance firms don’t always pay for dental braces, even when such treatments are for health reasons and not aesthetics. This article presents you with options that you can pursue when seeking for means to fund your braces.

1. Employer-Backed Dental Insurance

Some employers provide health care packages that include dental insurance. The employer decides what the health plan covers. Sometimes the employer-sponsored dental plan may or may not include orthodontic treatment, and when provided, it may be limited to minors.
Nowadays, some employers provide packages that can cover adult braces, too. If you’re not sure about the plan’s coverage, speak with your human resources department and see what’s available to you.

2. Dental Savings Plans or Discount Plans

These plans enable you to pay for dental services at low price rates, but they aren’t considered to be dental insurance coverage. To enroll in such programs, you have to pay a non-refundable registration fee and annual fee every year. The plans are often set up by an outside party. These plans offer discounted services on cosmetic procedures and adult orthodontia.

3. Personal Dental Insurance Plans

Employers have often been the primary providers of dental insurance coverage. But now, health insurance firms also provide individual dental insurance plans. Few policies cover orthodontia, but you can find some that include adult. An example of such a dental program with adult coverage is Delta-Care USA PAA48.

4. No-Interest Financing

Some orthodontists can provide you with flexible payment options and are willing to alter their payment reception to suit your budget. In fact, here at Orthodontics LA, we offer in-house financing with 0% interest and no credit check! This option grants you the chance to spread out your payments over months or years. We also offer a $0 down payment option so you can start treatment at your convenience.

5. Financial Aid

If you’re a low-income earner with financial hardships, you may get free or discounted orthodontic treatment. You should check whether you’re eligible for programs, which donate discounted orthodontic services. Such programs include the Smile for A Lifetime Foundation, Smiles Change Lives, and the Donated Orthodontic Services programs. Such programs can help you purchase braces for adults at discounted rates.

6. Credit Options

Regular credit financing from banks in the form of credit cards and loans is also a funding option for braces for adults. Such options can cost more because you’ve got to pay interest, but on the flipside, you can spread your repayments by negotiating with your bank.

7. Health Savings Accounts

One of the most beneficial ways to afford adult braces is to use a flexible spending account or a health savings account. Using an FSA or HSA account, you can pay for braces with pre-tax dollars, which can save you hundreds of dollars. If you have a flex spending account, you’ll need to use your dollars before the end of the year or lose them for good. Check with your employer to see if a flex spending or health savings account is an available benefit for you. You can also check with your Health Insurance Provider to inquire about setting up an account.

Dental braces for adults are an excellent option to align your teeth or fix a bite issue. They are also a fantastic option if you are looking for a purely aesthetic improvement and want to gain a beautiful smile. Even though braces are pricey, by following the tips as mentioned above, you should find an ideal way to fund the purchase of braces for adults even in difficult financial times. If you’re unsure of the best option for financing your orthodontic treatment, schedule a free consultation with our office. We will go over the insurance providers we accept, plus any other payment option that may be feasible for you.