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5 Ways to Protect Your Teeth After Your Braces Come Off

Posted on March 23, 2023


Yay! Your braces are finally off, and you have a straight smile you feel great about. However, you are not quite done with orthodontics. Your orthodontist will likely recommend you protect your new smile by wearing a retainer to ensure those pearly whites don’t shift back into their old position. There are other things you should do to take care of your teeth once your braces come off. Here are five things to do.

1. Wear That Retainer

You spent a lot of time dealing with orthodontics and you shouldn’t waste that time and money that you invested. The worst thing you can do for your teeth after your braces come off is not wear your retainer as recommended by your orthodontist. Some patients wear their retainers and keep them in for about 10 hours a day (usually while sleeping). You don’t have to wear your retainer all day, but you do have to wear it every day if you want your smile results to last.

2. Get Your Teeth Professionally Cleaned

Anyone who has worn braces knows it is a challenge to floss in there. One of the first things you should do when you get your braces off is make an appointment with your general dentist to clean your teeth. The cleaning will get rid of any plaque buildup and make your new smile shine.

3. Stick With Your Oral Hygiene Plan at Home

You may be tired of thinking about and hearing about teeth after a long stint of wearing braces, but now is not the time to slack on oral hygiene. Keep brushing, flossing, and regularly rinsing to ensure that you keep your teeth in good health.

4. Keep Your Dental Appointments

Unfortunately, there is no end date for when you can stop going to the dentist. Keep up with regular check ups at your general dentist and your orthodontist’s office. Good oral health care is a lifelong commitment. You may think you are done worrying about your teeth when your braces come off, but you should always take care of your smile, especially if you want your hard-earned results to last.

5. Treat Yourself to Teeth Whitening

Wearing braces may have caused some staining. A teeth-whitening treatment can brighten your smile and remove stains. Bright white teeth will showcase your new smile and encourage you to take care of your teeth.

Taking care of your smile is always important, even after getting your braces off! Be sure to follow these tips and any instructions from your orthodontist after your braces are removed to ensure you maintain your beautiful new smile for life. Contact Orthodontics LA today to learn more about post-treatment care or to schedule an appointment.