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5 Ways Braces Can Improve Your Health

Posted on January 20, 2023


In the past, braces left many susceptible to self-confidence issues when dealing with a mouth full of bulky metal. Because of this, the long-term health benefits may not have been enough to convince people to get the orthodontic treatment they needed. With today’s sleek, more effective orthodontic technology, orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to negatively affect your self-confidence! According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one-third of adults are disappointed in their smiles, and research shows that braces can have long-term health benefits when treatment is done at a younger age. Read on to learn five ways braces can improve your health.

1. Prevent Gum Disease

Crooked or misaligned teeth are much more difficult to clean properly. Not cleaning thoroughly enough can lead to the buildup of bacteria, which turns into plaque. Over time, without proper cleaning, plaque can easily turn into gum disease. Having properly aligned teeth allows you to clean your teeth properly and prevent the development of gum disease.

2. Eliminate Tooth Decay

Crooked or misaligned teeth also create wear and tear between the teeth that are colliding, which causes the slow breakdown of your teeth over time. The inability to clean misaligned teeth can trap bacteria in these worn-down places, which are perfect targets for bacteria to grow and attack your teeth causing tooth decay.

3. Reduce Bone Erosion

Teeth are embedded in the gums by a root. In your bottom row of teeth, these roots reach down toward the jawbone. Over time, the bacteria trapped in your crooked or misaligned teeth can work their way through the gums into your jawbone potentially creating the serious issue of bone erosion. Aligning your teeth properly works to prevent this.

4. Lessen Damage

Misaligned teeth create an uneven distribution of force onto the teeth. The jaw is one of our most powerful body parts. With uneven force on misaligned teeth, there is an increased risk of cracking or breaking one or more teeth.

5. Improve Digestive Health

Misaligned teeth make it difficult to chew your food properly. Because of this, many people with misaligned teeth must swallow bigger chunks of food than those with aligned teeth. This may not seem concerning but swallowing larger bits of food makes it difficult for your digestive system to break the food down efficiently, causing digestive issues. Aligned teeth allow you to chew food properly aiding in better digestion.

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