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5 Common Oral Health Problems an Orthodontist Can Address in Kids

Posted on February 1, 2021

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Children are at a unique stage of development that impacts the growth of their teeth and gums. That’s why it is recommended that you take your young one for an orthodontic checkup at age seven. It is important to remember that there are problems that only a trained kid’s orthodontist can diagnose and treat.

Here are some dental health issues prevalent in children that an orthodontist can help fix.

Abnormal Protrusions

One of the defining aspects of a child’s oral health is that their teeth and gums are still growing. However, for them to have healthy teeth, their eruption has to happen at just the right time.

If the baby teeth are lost too early, the remaining ones may start growing towards the gap. If the loss is too late, permanent teeth will not find adequate space to emerge.

Therefore, it is essential to see a dental professional who can detect abnormalities as the teeth and gums continue to grow. If anomalies are found, the orthodontist can diagnose and help manage that. In some cases, they may recommend braces for kids to allow for proper tooth eruption.

Bite Issues

Bite issues are prevalent in children, and they may take the form of cross-bites, under-bites, or overbites. In a cross-bite, the upper teeth dip into the inside of the lower ones. An underbite is when the lower jaw extends beyond the upper jaw. An overbite occurs when the upper jaw extends too far over the lower jaw.

Unfortunately, certain habits among children can trigger bite problems. These habits include thumb sucking and the resting position of the tongue. One example is the open bite, where the front teeth don’t meet even though the molars are touching. Orthodontists have attributed these bite issues to an abnormal shape of the mouth and other issues.

Incorrect Spacing of Teeth

Our gums and teeth have a structure that allows them to only work effectively as a unit. When there is inadequate space, the emerging teeth may be blocked. The blockage will eventually cause misalignment that will require braces to treat.

On the other hand, too much space will encourage abnormal growth. That’s because adjacent teeth guide the emerging ones on how to grow. If these anomalies are caught early, a kid’s orthodontist can easily manage the crowding issue using braces for kids.

Tooth Decay and Sensitivity

Many factors could cause tooth decay and enamel sensitivity in children. Often it is a sugary diet or poor dental hygiene. However, it could be due to wear and tear caused by alignment abnormalities.

When the teeth are not aligned — for example, due to a cross-bite — they experience a lot of friction. Luckily, braces for kids can address the issue conclusively and help reposition the teeth once and for all.

Anxiety Over Visiting the Dental Office

Anxiety over visiting the dental office is a significant problem as far as your child’s oral health is concerned. It can discourage parents from routine checkups or considering Invisalign aligners to address misalignment. Luckily, most reputable kid’s orthodontists have the requisite training to assist your child tackle their fears and phobias.

Schedule Your Child’s Appointment Today

Routine oral checkups are crucial for your child’s health. It is advisable that every parent starts taking their kids for dental checkups as early as possible. Also, try and talk to them about the benefits of maintaining proper oral health and encourage them to report any dental problems they have. Early intervention will minimize the risk of complications and intrusive procedures.

When you have more questions about your child’s oral health, don’t hesitate to contact Orthodontics LA to schedule your orthodontics consultation.