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5 Benefits of Traditional Braces

Posted on June 21, 2022

traditional braces

Orthodontic treatment has become a normal part of society. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, an estimated 25% to 50% of children need orthodontic treatment. For instance, traditional braces are a form of orthodontia used to straighten teeth and align them properly. There are several benefits to this style of treatment. Below are the benefits of traditional braces.

Braces Offer a Solution for Crooked Teeth

Part of designing braces is determining the best alignment for your teeth. Traditional braces use brackets on the teeth that can be adjusted by a professional. These brackets are used to align your jaw, teeth and correct any crowding or overlapping teeth.

They Can Be Cheaper Than Other Treatments

In the long run, traditional braces are typically much cheaper than other types of orthodontics. Braces can take less time to finish, which means you can save money in the long run. In addition, traditional braces can help fix teeth problems that can’t be remedied with any other treatment methods.

They Reduce Tooth Decay and Jaw Issues Caused by Misaligned Teeth

Traditional braces are mainly known for fixing teeth misalignments. Yet they also effectively reduce tooth decay and jaw growth issues caused by misaligned teeth. The brackets used to align the teeth can improve saliva flow in the mouth. and reduce the risk of gum recession over time. Braces also help to make your teeth easier to clean, which results in reduced risk of decay and buildup.

They Help You Be More Confident About Showing Off Your Teeth

The product of your new smile is not just about looking better but also about feeling better. This is where traditional braces start to shine. Once these are removed, it may look and feel as though your mouth has completely transformed. Your overbite may be fixed, or your teeth may no longer overlap. Maintaining this new smile can easily be done for a whole lifetime and prevent oral health issues in the future.

They Can Help Adjust Facial Features

The brackets in traditional braces can shift and shape your face. The brackets are apply pressure to your teeth to gently move them into their proper positions. This means that they can boost the overall appearance of your face. Brackets may achieve this by making your face appear more youthful, healthy, and symmetrical. Part of this comes from the impact braces have on the strength of the jaw, and the muscles in the cheek that work against the resistance of rubber bands.

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