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4 Questions to Ask Before You Get Braces For the First Time

Posted on January 18, 2022

Orthodontics LA - 4 Questions to Ask Before You Get Braces For the First Time

Whether you’re planning to get braces for yourself or your child, it’s normal to have questions that you need to be answered before fully making up your mind. Below, we tackle some of the top questions to ask before getting braces for the first time.

Are Braces Right For Me?

Asking this question gives your orthodontist the opportunity to explain the benefits of choosing braces. For starters, braces help to straighten your teeth to restore the look of your smile. They also correct any bite issues, which can help to improve your overall oral health.

If you’re not sure if braces are right for you, your orthodontist will also help you explore other treatment options after examining your mouth. Fortunately, there have been many advancements in orthodontics, so this process doesn’t always involve wearing a mouthful of metal braces. Your orthodontist will discuss the pros and cons of each option; you can then use that information to decide if braces are right for you.

How Long Will the Treatment Last?

Since no one plans on wearing braces forever, you’ll want to have a better idea of how long the treatment process will last. Your orthodontist should be able to give you a reliable estimate based on what they see during your exam. How long your treatment lasts will depend on the severity of your case and how well your teeth respond to shifting when pressure is applied. That being said, it’s possible to wear braces for up to three years. While your orthodontist can’t give a guarantee of how long the treatment process will take, they can provide a fairly reliable ballpark figure after your initial examination.

Do You Have The Right Qualifications and Experience In Orthodontics?

It’s essential to work with an experienced professional to ensure that your orthodontic treatment is a resounding success. Your orthodontist should have the right certifications and proper training in this field.

Besides having the right qualifications, it’s also important to have an experienced orthodontist who has been in practice for a while. Feel free to ask them about their qualifications and obtain reviews, both from friends and online resources.

Will My Lifestyle Change When I Have Braces?

Since braces are a long-term commitment, it’s important to know what life will be like once you begin your treatment. For the most part, the biggest adjustment you’ll have to make is spending more time keeping your teeth clean and removing food that gets caught in your teeth. You’ll also have to make room in your schedule to attend orthodontist appointments so you can stay on schedule. Additionally, you may need to be prepared to give up certain foods in your diet while you’re undergoing treatment to prevent possible damage to your braces. Talk to your orthodontist about what you can expect during this process and the possible changes you’ll need to make.

According to statistics, between 25% and 50% of children require orthodontics. Braces are also a common option for adults in order to fix various irregularities of the jaw and the teeth. If you want to achieve a better and brighter smile in 2022, contact us today to learn more.