3 Tips for Helping Your Children Get the Most Out of Their Braces

Posted on May 4, 2023

According to Nemour Kid’s Heath, there are currently about 4 million people in the United States who wear braces, with about 75% of them being younger than 18. This means that your child will not be alone in wearing braces. However, braces can be expensive, and you want to ensure that your child gets the most out of their braces and that the treatment is effective. Here are some tips that you can help to ensure that this happens.

1. Ensure Your Child Knows What Foods to Avoid

One of the first things that you need to do when your child gets braces is to discuss with the orthodontist what foods should be avoided. Certain foods can break the brackets on the braces. If the brackets break or become damaged on the braces, they do not get repaired until the next office visit. If multiple brackets break often, it can lengthen how long braces for kids have to be worn.

2. Don’t Miss Orthodontic Appointments

One of the most important tips to help your child get the most out of their braces is to avoid missing orthodontic appointments. When it comes to braces for kids, the orthodontist typically wants to see your child every one to two months, or every four to eight weeks. During that time, the orthodontist will replace broken or missing brackets, tighten the braces and ensure the treatment is on track. If you miss appointments, you can lengthen the period of time your child needs to wear braces.

3. Be Patient

The last tip to help your child get the most out of braces is to simply be patient. Wearing braces is not always comfortable or fashionable. Toward the end of the treatment period, your child may want their braces off in a hurry. However, your child’s teeth may be moving slower than anticipated or your child may need braces for a bit longer. You never want to take the braces off too soon.

If an orthodontist has recommended braces for kids for your child, you want to ensure that your child gets the most out of this costly yet important treatment. Ensuring your child knows what foods to eat and which to avoid, not missing routine appointments and remaining patient are a few of the best tips to help ensure the treatment is successful. If you suspect your child needs braces, reach out to Orthodontics LA today for a consultation.