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Why Your Child Should Embrace Braces

Posted on March 19, 2021

Why Your Child Should Embrace Braces

In eras past, putting braces on your child may have been akin to a social death sentence. Kids can be merciless in pointing out flaws and differences, and the term “brace face” or “metal mouth” is an all too common memory for many. Thankfully, much of that has changed now, thanks to the internet, smartphones, and a focus on health.

In fact, of the 4 million people in the United States wearing braces, 75% are younger than 18. Teens and young children now pose on Instagram and other social media apps with their traditional metal braces, proudly extolling the virtues of “working hard toward straight teeth” or “#metalmouth and proud.” Instead of being a symbol of ostracism, braces for children have been embraced for what they are – a visible symbol of working toward good health and appearances.

In this brief article, we’ll discuss why braces for children are not only being embraced but are actually easier to get than ever. Chances are, children with braces or other corrective oral treatments will vastly outnumber those who don’t. We dare say that it’s COOL now to have braces!

More People Have Braces Than Ever Before, For The Right Reasons

There are now more people wearing braces and correcting their teeth than ever before. Once seen as the height of teen embarrassment, braces are now embraced as symbols of wealth and privilege in countries such as Brazil and Indonesia. Having straight, white teeth is something that many children today have seen their favorite actors and internet personalities embrace, so getting braces is now considered a form of health improvement, almost like going to the gym or working on your mental health.

Nobody Even Has To See Anymore

In the past, traditional braces made it obvious that you were visiting the orthodontist. After all, it’s hard not to look at someone’s teeth and notice a whole bunch of wire brackets. But nowadays, the tools of the trade for orthodontists have changed immensely. Nobody even needs to know that you have braces anymore.

Since the invention of Invisalign invisible braces, getting straight teeth has literally never been easier. No longer does anyone have to know that you’re going to the orthodontist every couple of weeks. You can still smile and progressively work toward the best you.

They Know The Health Benefits

With the advent of the internet and social media, people are now aware of information faster than ever before. While braces for children were commonly seen in popular cultures as cosmetic tools just a couple of years ago, even the general public is now aware that they can provide health benefits other than straighter teeth. Widely available articles outline how having crooked, misaligned teeth can become the perfect environment for plaque and tartar to wreak havoc on your gums and teeth.

Not straightening your teeth and being unable to clean your teeth properly is one well-known side effect that braces can fix, but many people are also becoming aware of how a misaligned jaw can cause TMJ or tension headaches. With so many individuals wanting to live their best life, it’s clear that braces and other corrective treatments are only gaining more acceptance.

Braces: It’s Cool To Invest In Yourself

Getting braces for children or teens is no longer seen as a fringe procedure. Their friends have them, adults have them, and they know the benefits. Embracing braces is a quality investment to make in yourself!