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Why Braces for Adults Are a Good Idea

Posted on July 21, 2022

braces for adults

Braces for adults are becoming much more common. About 25% of patients that seek orthodontic care, including braces, are 18 years old or older. There are many reasons why adults choose to get braces. Read on for ways you can benefit from getting braces as an adult.

The Most Common Reason Adults Get Braces

According to the American Orthodontic Association (AOA), aesthetics is the number one reason adults get braces. Underbites, overbites, crossbites, and other bite issues can cause crooked teeth that tend to make people feel self-conscious about their smiles. If straight teeth are your goal at any age, braces are a tried-and-true solution. Orthodontists use braces as a treatment to correct a wide range of bite issues as well as to correct misalignments to give patients an overall more attractive smile.

Braces For Adults Can Improve Oral Health

Overcrowded teeth can be very difficult to clean. Food and plaque can build up in hard-to-reach areas which causes cavities and potentially other dental issues. Braces move teeth into the proper position making it easier to brush and floss the whole mouth. Aligned teeth allow for more thorough cleaning and reduce the risk of plaque and bacteria buildup. Good oral hygiene at home prevents decay and inflammation caused by such buildup.

You Will Feel Better About Yourself

A smile is one of the first things people notice about one other. It may even play a big role in employment opportunities. According to Colgate, 91% of adults say that they felt a healthy smile helped their professional career. When you feel good about your smile, you instantly feel more confident in any situation. Braces for adults can be the treatment you need to feel good about your smile and get your confidence back.

According to the AOA, about two-thirds of the population could benefit from orthodontic care. Today there are several great braces treatment options that can help every adult feel more confident in their smile. You are never too old to get orthodontic treatment to improve your smile and your oral health. Contact our expert, friendly team at Orthodontics LA to learn more or to schedule your complimentary consultation.