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What Are the Benefits of Damon System Braces?

Posted on February 23, 2023

Orthodontics LA - What Are the Benefits of Damon System Braces?

The Damon System offers a revolutionary approach to orthodontic care for adults, with benefits ranging from faster treatment times and improved dental health to better aesthetics and enhanced comfort. When considering braces for adults, this is a great system to improve self-esteem and align your smile. Read on to learn the benefits of Damon System, self-litigating braces.

Enhanced Comfort

Damon System braces are smaller and more comfortable to wear than traditional braces. They require less frequent adjustments and cause less discomfort when compared to other types of braces. In fact, patients often report experiencing significantly less discomfort throughout treatment. This is because Damon braces use gentle sliding mechanics instead of traditional pressure or torque to move teeth into proper alignment quickly and comfortably.

Better Aesthetics

With the Damon System, patients benefit from a more aesthetically pleasing smile since the brackets are smaller and feature a self-ligating design that eliminates elastic bands. The Damon System’s self-ligating brackets are designed to be smaller and more comfortable for adult patients. This means you won’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious about your braces. You will be able to enjoy the process of getting your new smile without worrying about your appearance during treatment.

Faster Treatment

Thanks to the system’s innovative technology, treatment times are typically shorter than with most other orthodontic treatments, because tooth movement is accelerated with less force and friction. Treatment with Damon System braces for adults can last as little as five to eight months. Since treatment time is shorter, there is less chance for plaque buildup and cavities in hard-to-reach areas around the braces. This also helps improve overall oral health during treatment. Unlike traditional metal braces that require frequent adjustment appointments due to natural elasticity, the self-ligating design of Damon System braces for adults requires much fewer adjustments, which means fewer visits to the orthodontist as well.

Affordable Cost

Damon braces are slightly more expensive than traditional metal braces at first. However, over time, Damon System braces can actually save money as they usually require fewer visits to the orthodontist per year to adjust them and shorter overall treatment times due to their efficient design. When using Damon braces for adults, the treatment time may be slightly longer, but it will still be a shorter treatment time than that typically seen with traditional braces.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of the Damon System, contact Orthodontics LA today! We are here to help you achieve a healthy, confident smile that you can be proud of.