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Meal Prep For Your First Week With Braces

Posted on February 28, 2018

OK, Grumpy. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

Right after getting your braces on for the first time, you’re probably feeling all of the pressure of the world… on your teeth. And even though it’s a sign that your braces treatment is starting to work, it can be extremely uncomfortable.

We know this pressure can be annoying, especially when you can’t eat your favorite foods without clutching your jaw in pain. But you don’t have to give up food entirely – don’t be so dramatic! There’s a lot of great things you can still eat while keeping your braces safe, and without hurting your teeth.

What to Eat

When choosing your meals for the day, there are a few things you want to keep in mind. Because you need to be gentle with your braces, it’s important to choose soft foods that are easy to chew. And since we can sense your mother’s judgement from all the way over here, we’re also going to say that you should choose healthy foods while you’re at it.

What to Avoid

Anything that is hard or difficult to chew. You’ll want to avoid things like popcorn and nuts, hard taco shells or chips, and sticky candies.

Be extra careful when you are eating things like raw vegetables (we would much rather have steamed vegetables), corn on the cob, hard or chewy bread, and firm fruits. These foods can sometimes be cooked or served specifically to prevent any damage to your teeth or brackets. So it’s not goodbye yet, it’s just see you later!

Week One: Meal Prep

Here’s a quick plan for what you can eat for the first week after getting your braces on. You might find yourself repeating this meal plan for the duration of your treatment!


Day 1: scrambled eggs with a sliced banana and a muffin

Day 2: oatmeal and milk with a mashed pear.

Day 3: fluffy omelette with vegetables and avocado

Day 4: soft blueberry pancakes with a sliced banana

Day 5: scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese

Day 6: fruit and peanut butter smoothie with soft bread rolls

Day 7: oatmeal and milk with berries


Day 1: homemade macaroni and cheese

Day 2: hard boiled egg with steamed vegetables

Day 3: tuna salad with soft bread rolls

Day 4: egg fried rice with steamed vegetables

Day 5: cooked beans with soft tortilla

Day 6: peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Day 7: turkey sandwich on soft bread


Day 1: homemade tomato soup with soft bread rolls

Day 2: salmon and fluffy mashed potatoes

Day 3: macaroni and cheese with steamed vegetables

Day 4: spaghetti with soft meatballs

Day 5: tomato soup with a soft grilled cheese sandwich

Day 6: homemade chili with soft beans and rice

Day 7: homemade chicken noodle soup with soft bread rolls

What About Snack Time?

Naturally, you’re going to get a little hungry in between meals. If you are going to enjoy a quick snack in between meals, be sure to stick with our soft-food guidelines! Outside of regular mealtimes, some other snacks that you can enjoy during the day are:

  • Fruit yogurts
  • Apple sauce
  • Pudding
  • Smoothies
  • Fruit – melons, kiwis, and grapes
  • Egg dishes
  • Soft cheese

When it comes to your snack choices, as long as it’s soft and easy on your teeth, go for it! Just make sure that your picks are not too sugary, and always brush your teeth after eating.

When you first get braces, one of the most difficult adjustments (Get it. Adjustments! Like bracket adjustments. Yeah, you got it.) is figuring out how to eat. While you’re wearing your braces, it’s important to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. Your body will thank you for it!
Keep in mind that when you have braces, your teeth are at a higher risk of developing cavities. So while strawberry milkshakes are extremely tempting right now, it’s best to keep sugar consumption to a minimum.

Not sure if your favorite food is on the no-fly list? Feel free to ask us! Here at Orthodontics LA, we are committed to helping you navigate the ups and downs of life with braces. If you ever have any questions, give us a call or visit our offices in Encino or Glendale!