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How do Tieless Braces Work?

Posted on September 28, 2021

How do Tieless Braces Work?

Tieless braces are a step up from traditional braces. They can be used without ligature or O-ties, which is how they differ from regular braces. In all other ways, these braces are similar to traditional braces. For instance, they are essentially made from the same materials as traditional braces.

Why Tieless Braces

About 50-75% of people could benefit from orthodontic treatment. A greater part of this treatment involves braces. Therefore, it is important to ensure that braces are as effective and comfortable as possible. That is where tie-less braces come in. Because these braces do not need O-ties, there is generally less friction on the teeth. This is a good thing as it can offer a more comfortable and efficient treatment process.
There are several options for tieless braces. You can get traditional metal or ceramic brackets. Ceramic braces are also the same size as traditional braces, but they have a better aesthetic look. This is what makes them perfect for adult patients.

How they Work

You might be wondering how self-ligating, or tie-less braces attach to your teeth when they don’t have an O-tie or elastic. It’s actually not that complicated. Unlike traditional braces, tieless braces have a specialized clip or door. That is what gives them support and keeps the archwire in position as it guides the teeth into their desired positions.
This clip makes braces a lot more convenient and comfortable. It reduces the pressure exerted by braces on each tooth. Apart from that, since there are no ligatures, the braces also need less attention, and this may mean fewer visits to the orthodontist.

Two Types of Tieless Braces

There are two types of tieless braces. The first type is known as a passive tieless brace system. These braces have a passive bracket with a rigid door that keeps the wire inside the brackets in place. With this type of tieless brace, there is no active pressure that is applied to the braces, and this makes them passive. The second type of tieless brace is known as active tieless braces. These use a clip that exerts force on larger square or rectangular wires.
Tieless braces are a great option for dealing with teeth alignment issues. They are especially perfect for adults who are going for a more pleasing aesthetic look. They are also quite comfortable and more convenient because they need less orthodontic attention.