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Orthodontics LA’s Roots in Glendale

Glendale has a special place in the Orthodontics LA story. Co-founder, Dr. Artin Meserkhani, grew up in a family with a legacy of dental professionals. When he was a young boy, he would spend his summers observing his uncle, who practiced as a general dentist.

Working with his uncle and his father, who owned a dental laboratory, gave Dr. Artin the beginning of his dental education and groomed him to start the practice he now owns today. After Dr. Artin started practicing he worked on the staff for Dr. Vahik Meserkhani, his uncle. Now Dr. Artin rents out space in the clinic to see orthodontic patients.

Orthodontic LA has opened a location in Encino that operates full time, however, Dr. Artin stays committed to the Glendale community by continually seeing patients there. Beyond the dentistry, Dr. Artin was also a basketball coach for his local armenian high school and coached for two years. So you can feel good knowing that your dentist was also a great coach!