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Recommendations for Our Glendale Patients

Our staff travels back and forth between Encino and Glendale to work with patients from both cities. We noticed that though our office as in Glendale, we had a lot of clients coming from outside the city. Even for those who lived in the city, they just had never really been around our side of town.

We noticed this enough to the point where we saw some of our patients take the day off to come in just to have some idle time. To help make the best out of the trip down to us, we prepared some staff recommendations of what to visit after or before your appointment.


Coworking Space: Cross Campus

For our more entrepreneurial and busy patients, we know that sometimes you just got to get some work done. We have a coworking space that’s not too far away, about 15 minutes, in Pasadena that you can go and work during the day before and after your visit. This way you don’t have to take a sick day off work, you’ll just be working remotely.

You never know, you might also meet the person who will get you that big deal or a possible strategic partner. Take full advantage of the opportunity of being out of the office.

Bookstores: Sardarabad Book Service & Barnes and Noble

Dr. Artin Meserkhani’s family is not only a legacy family of dentists, they are also a part of the local Armenian community. Saying that, there is a wonderful Armenian bookstore called Sardarabad that has a majority of Armenian literature and history books. It’s great for learning about the community and experiencing the heritage of so many of the Glendale residents that are Armenian.

For those who are more interested in your traditional bookstore, Barnes and Noble isn’t too far. Not going to lie, our staff is big time fans of Barnes and Noble. Some are even proud Barnes and Noble members. Like they always carry around their green membership card proud. It’s a great opportunity to take the day and catch up on some reading or finally to get around to that book that everyone seems to be recommending to you.

Coffee Shop: Philz

Of course we had to put Philz on here. It’s half a mile away and that means in less than a couple minutes you could be face deep in a mocha tesora. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, drop everything and go to your nearest Philz now. Don’t worry, we’ll wait. Just go. NOW

Restaurant: Din Tai Fung

So this one might be a little cliche, but you know what, you like what you like. Din Tai Fung is a favorite for us at Orthodontics LA. The team seems to find reasons to go there. “Oh! Its someone’s birthday? Din Tai Fung!!”, “You got a new puppy?, Din Tai Fung!” and my personal favorite, “Oh your child got perfect attendance? Din Tai Fung!”

I’m sure you already know about the hype, but we can say that the lines are less long when you come for your orthodontic visit, because more likely than not your visit will be on a Tuesday and most people won’t be here. So you can have world class dim sum without the wait.

The Postal Office

We’re serious. The postal office is so close to our office. You might as well coordinate drop offs for the postal office with your visit. We all know how ANNOYING it is to have to drive all the way to the post office to drop something off. The postal office is literally a couple minutes away from our office, do yourself a favor, save a trip and just drop it off when you come visit us.