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Testimonials from Encino Patients

Some of the great reviews that we’ve received over the years.

Dr Artin made my entire experience extremely smooth and I always felt I was in good hands and was very well informed on what to expect/ next steps the process. I can tell he is a genuinely nice person and easy to  work with. The staff are all very welcoming and made me feel right at home. – Lisa C. from Los Angeles, CA

I had braces years ago, and my teeth were perfect. I lost my retainer, and my teeth started shifting. The doctors at Orthodontics LA hooked me up and got my teeth straight again. I was hesitant because I didn’t want braces, having had them before. But they made the process so fun and comfortable. They offered a lot of different options, so I was able to pick one that worked for me. I love my smile now. – Michael G. from Inglewood, CA

Personable and professional, Dr. Art and Dr. Mel are true experts in their craft. I’m incredibly happy with the my experience at Orthodontics LA, from start to finish. The kindness and attention they showed me was unmatched. Most importantly, my smile has never been in better shape, thanks to their thorough treatment plan. Thank you Dr. Art and Dr. Mel! – Shant A. from Studio City, CA