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Braces-Friendly Theme Park Food

Posted on July 16, 2018

A day trip to your closest theme park is a summer staple. Between the awesome roller coasters and attractions, you’ll obviously want to snack on some theme park treats! While having braces can make enjoying some of these classic foods more challenging, you still have plenty of options. Keep reading for braces-friendly suggestions for your next day at the park!


  • Turkey Legs – Some theme parks (like Disneyland!) offer the county fair-favorite giant turkey leg for their hungriest visitors. Unfortunately these are difficult to eat with braces, since you have to depend on your front teeth so much to tear the meat off the bone. If you’re really craving turkey, try cutting it up and eating the more tender parts.
  • Corn on the Cob – You’ll want to avoid this classic for the same reasons as the turkey leg. However, you can always scrape the corn off of the cob and eat it that way!
  • Packaged Ice Cream Sandwiches – You’ll have to make this call on more of a case by cases basis, as some types of ice cream sandwiches may be soft enough for consumption (especially when the cookies are fresh!). However, the ones that come pre-made are usually completely frozen, making them very difficult to bite into and therefore not a great idea for someone with braces.
  • Popcorn – This shouldn’t be news to anyone with braces, but popcorn is definitely a snack to avoid. The kernels can get stuck between your teeth and your braces and cause some serious damage.
  • Candy Apples – Biting into a candy apple is already a challenge, even without braces! Pro tip: Grab a candy apple on your way out of the park so you can take it home, cut it up, and enjoy it in more chewable pieces!

Go For It!

  • Soft Pretzel – If you’re craving something salty, opt for a big soft pretzel! It is easy to break off pieces of this snack so you’re not having to do any tearing with your teeth. Plus, think of all the dipping sauces you can choose from!
  • Ice Cream – While it’s true that a frozen cookie sandwich may be too hard to bite into, there are plenty of other delicious ice cream options that are perfect for park guests with braces! Soft serve, hand-scooped ice cream, even frozen yogurt are all great! Better yet, satisfy your sweet tooth with an ice cream shake with a straw! The straw will limit the contact between your teeth and braces and the sugars in your treat.
  • Hot dogs – If you’re looking for a classic lunch option, skip the chewy, crunchy fried meats and opt for a hot dog! Hot dogs are also pretty easy to cut up into bite-sized pieces if your teeth are sensitive from a recent tightening.
  • Funnel Cakes – Last but certainly not least, you can definitely still enjoy a delicious funnel cake at your favorite theme park! They’re soft enough to chew, and classic toppings like powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, and fruit preserves are all on the list of approved treats. Just be sure to brush your teeth after!

Remember that many theme parks will also let you bring your own food in, so that might be an option to consider if you have concerns about having enough food choices. Some of our favorite packable snacks include yogurt, applesauce, hard-boiled eggs, and string cheese! 

After a day of indulgence, don’t forget to brush and floss away any remaining bits between your teeth and brackets! Alpharetta pediatric dentist, Dr. Nanna Ariaban, warns that tooth decay is rising at alarming rates, so you’ll definitely want to brush extra thoroughly after consuming these sugary bites at the park.

We hope this helps! Tell us what your favorite theme park is in the comments down below!