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The Braces-Friendly NYE Guide: Glendale Edition

Posted on December 26, 2018

As we get older, time just seems to pass so much more quickly! With the blink of an eye, another year has already passed. It’s the perfect time to reflect, commemorate your accomplishments, and set your goals for the future. Before that, of course, is New Year’s Eve, aka the last time to let loose before getting your act together!

We love finishing the holiday season with a bang here at Orthodontics LA in Glendale, but we know it can be difficult for our patients to fully engage in the festive spirit when they’re just getting used to their new orthodontic appliances. Whether you’ve just gotten braces, Invisalign, or even retainers, it can be a pain in the butt to remember what to do or eat in the midst of the celebrations.

If you’re going out, throwing a party, or even staying in, here’s our advice for New Year’s Eve with the necessary braces-friendly adjustments.


For anyone hosting a New Year’s Party, upgrade your party snacks! Chips, pretzels, crackers, and the like may be yummy, but they can be too abrasive to chew on for braces. Instead, consider serving a classy charcuterie board for your guests. They offer plenty more braces-friendly options, like olives, cheeses, cured meats, bread, and sliced fruits. You can easily get all the ingredients you need for a self-made charcuterie board at Trader Joe’s on Glenoaks Blvd.

The holidays call for strings of popcorn and festive kettle corn, but these items are definitely some of the worst foods for braces because they can get stuck in your brackets so easily. Swap it out for a shrimp cocktail instead! Peeled shrimp is still slightly crunchy, but it’s still soft enough for braces. Plus, you’ll definitely look fancy balancing your seafood concoction in a sparkling glass.

There are tons of restaurants in Glendale that serve shrimp; in fact, it would be harder to find one that doesn’t! If you’d rather make your own, however, there are also lots of seafood markets open the day of and before the new year for optimal freshness. Fish King on Glendale Ave has tons of options available and they will even cook your seafood for you. A little further south are Arrat Fish and Meat Market and Glendale Fish and Meat Market, both of which have a diverse selection of seafood.

As bad as sugar may be for tooth decay, we can never skip dessert at Orthodontics LA. Rather than restricting yourself from eating sweets on New Year’s Eve (we all know how well that goes), opt for softer treats, like pudding, jello, and mousse! These luscious desserts require little to no chewing, so there’s less pressure on your braces compared to other snacks.


What’s a New Year’s celebration without a little bubbly? If you’re old enough to indulge in drinks a little stronger than apple cider, it’s important to be mindful of how much you consume throughout the night. Alcohol can dry out the mouth, leaving it susceptible to decay from bacteria. Sugary drinks like soda and wine can contribute to plaque buildup and cavities, too. Here are a few tips to remember before the ball drops:

  1. Drink in moderation: It’s unrealistic to ban our adult patients from drinking just because they have braces, but we do recommend drinking in moderation. Alcohol can affect the pH balance in your mouth, making it a hospitable environment for bad bacteria to thrive.
  2. Take water breaks: When alcohol dries out the mouth, there is less saliva production to flush away the sugar. Water will wash away sugars and acid that can harm your teeth. Your body will thank you later!
  3. Choose clear drinks: Highly pigmented drinks like punch, red wine, and dark liquor are more likely to stain the teeth. You definitely don’t want unsightly stains and patterns present once your braces come off.
  4. Finish your drink quickly: We’re not saying you should drink irresponsibly, but sipping on the same glass for too long won’t give your mouth time to rebalance its pH and rehydrate. If you have Invisalign, you also won’t want to keep your aligners out of your mouth for too long.
  5. Brush and floss: At the end of the night, it’s tempting to slip under the covers and fall asleep immediately, but it’s important to brush and floss as you normally would.

In one of Glendale’s neighboring cities, Pasadena, Pop Champagne Bar is hosting a New Year’s Eve celebration for champagne, wine, and beer enthusiasts! If you plan on going, make sure to find a designated driver to get home responsibly. Topline Wine & Spirits on Riverdale Drive in Glendale also offers many delicious and affordable beverages should you choose to stay home instead.


There are lots of fun activities to do in and around Glendale for the occasion. Electric Pussycat is a lounge in Glendale that is hosting a 5-hour open bar event on New Year’s Eve. There are also firework viewings at EVE in Universal City and Grand Park in Los Angeles. Before then, there are still tons of fun things to do in preparation of the big night.

Not in the mood to drive in an hour of traffic to see a couple fireworks? Get the excitement of exploding rockets at home! Light a few sparklers and shoot some party poppers! They’re a fun, interactive way to get into the spirit of the holiday. Grab a handful of them for yourself and your guests at Party Plaza on Broadway or Josue’s Party Supply on Glendale Ave. They’re a surefire party pleaser!

There’s no better excuse to belt out “Start of Something New” from High School Musical than at a New Year karaoke party. If you’re having trouble singing because of your braces, place dental wax on any sharp edges that could be making your mouth sore. There are also tons of mild, non-drowsy, over-the-counter pain relief medicines you can take as long as you’re not drinking or taking other medication at the same time. There are tons of drugstores, like CVS and Walgreens, that are open 24/7 throughout Glendale.

We all know the New Year’s tradition after the final countdown – a kiss! If you’re afraid of getting your wires or rubber bands getting in the way of your new year’s kiss, then keep it to a peck. The risk of getting caught of someone else getting caught in your brackets is extremely low, but there’s no harm in being extra cautious. Whoever it is, we’re sure they won’t mind a high five or hug!

Regardless of what snacks, drinks, or activities you have going on this New Year’s Eve, it’ll always be a good time if you’re surrounded by your loved ones. At Orthodontics LA, one of our New Year’s resolutions is to provide patients with more beautiful, healthy smiles this year! If you want to get a head start on achieving the smile you’ve always wanted, stop by our Glendale office for a free consultation. We’re happy to help!