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6 Myths and Misconceptions of Invisalign

Posted on September 22, 2021


Invisalign is a set of highly sophisticated aligners, which are worn a period of time to gradually move your teeth. This treatment has revolutionized the way orthodontics is practiced today. Invisalign’s popularity has continued to grow despite so many myths and misconceptions floating around about the aligners. Let us separate fact from fiction and discuss if Invisalign is the best treatment option for you.

Here’s a quick look: Myths vs. Reality

Myth #1 – I can eat whatever I want while wearing the aligners.

Reality – While this statement is half-true, it doesn’t mean you can eat anything under the sun without worrying about your teeth anymore. Remember that Invisalign aligners are worn for months, and whatever goes in your mouth will be reflected on them, so it’s best to watch what you eat.

Myth #2 – I don’t need follow-up visits with my dentist while wearing Invisalign. All I have to do is wear them every day.

Reality – Unless instructed otherwise by your orthodontist or dentist, always visit for regular checkups, even when wearing Invisalign aligners. Even though they are not fixed to your teeth, like traditional braces, there may be some adjustments needed from time to time for various reasons. If these adjustments are not made regularly, your teeth may migrate back to their original places. Hence it is always better to seek medical advice before starting the treatment.

Myth #3 – Invisalign is only for adults who want straighter teeth.

Reality – Even though many studies show that adults are willing to commit to dental treatments more than teenagers, you don’t have to wait until adulthood to get a perfect smile. Many orthodontists these days offer this service for children, too, so be sure to discuss with them if you think your kid needs dental treatment.

Myth #4 – You can never eat hard food like candy, corn, or chips again.

Reality – This is only true if you don’t brush your teeth immediately after eating. Remember that Invisalign braces are not fixed to your teeth, so they can always be removed and placed back again on the same spot without any damage being caused to them. However, it doesn’t mean you can eat hard foods all the time while wearing these aligners, as this may lead to chipping of the aligner itself and stress on the teeth around, which will further harm them in the long term.

Myth #5 – Invisalign is just for cosmetic purposes and not required to fix any teeth or bite problems.

Reality – While it’s true that Invisalign aligners are not as rigid as traditional braces, they do offer enough strength when it comes to correcting malocclusion (bad bite).

Yes, at times, you may need to wear a retainer in addition to your aligners for better results, but your orthodontist can easily fix this during regular checkups.

Myth #6 – Invisalign is just for adults who want straighter teeth. Children won’t wear this.

Reality – Some children can benefit from Invisalign! These aligners offer a better aesthetic look than traditional braces (which kids may not like due to their size). It also helps them maintain their pearly whites while chewing on their favorite candies without the risk of breaking anything off or wearing them out.

Invisalign is not just for adults who want straighter teeth but can also help children maintain their smiles without worrying about any breakage or wear and tear. It all depends on the child’s individual treatment needs and if they are responsible enough to maintain their aligner wear. Hence, the next time you hear someone saying something about Invisalign. Be sure to set them right so that more and more people benefit from this brand’s revolutionary technology!