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5 Steps to Properly Cleaning Your Brackets

Posted on May 24, 2023

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Cleaning your teeth when you have brackets can be challenging. However, it’s imperative that you keep your metal braces clean, to avoid developing gum disease or other infections. Luckily, this article provides a step-by-step guide to cleaning your braces brackets. Let’s jump right in.

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools

According to The Orthodontists, you should brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice daily. But how exactly do you do that? To begin, assemble the cleaning supplies, including a soft-bristled toothbrush, an interdental brush or floss threader, dental or orthodontic floss, fluoride toothpaste, and optional mouthwash.

Step 2: Start With Gentle Brushing

Next, start by brushing gently. After rinsing your mouth to remove any food residue, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle, then brush all surfaces gently around the brackets. You should pay attention to the gums, and the areas around the wires.

Step 3: Clean Between the Brackets

Clean between the brackets after brushing. Use a floss thread or an interdental brush to get around the brackets and under the wires. Slide the brush or floss back and forth to remove plaque and food fragments. Using floss, form a C-shape around each tooth to clean the sides, before carefully threading it under the wire and between the teeth.

Step 4: Rinse and Inspect

After cleaning between the brackets, properly rinse your mouth with water to remove any loose debris. Check your brackets and cables to ensure they are spotless and clear of any leftover food or plaque. It is essential to consult your orthodontist for additional cleaning methods if you see any difficult stains or buildup.

Step 5: Finish With Fluoride and Mouthwash

Finally, use fluoride toothpaste to complete your cleaning process. Brush all your teeth, including the brackets, using a small amount of fluoride toothpaste. To keep the fluoride in your toothpaste working to protect your teeth, spit out any extra toothpaste, but wait before giving your mouth a quick rinse with water. You can use mouthwash to clean your teeth and braces further and freshen your breath.

Maintaining clean and healthy teeth will require more work when wearing metal braces. But you’ll notice the difference when they come off, and you’ll have a brilliant new grin. By adhering to these recommendations, you can guarantee that you won’t develop gum disease while wearing metal braces. To get started on the path to your perfect smile, reach out to the team at Orthodontics LA today.