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5 Reasons Invisalign Aligners Are Perfect For Your Teenager

Posted on January 18, 2023

invisalign aligners

Invisible aligners can be a great choice if your teenager wants to avoid the look of braces. Clear aligners are a great option for males and females alike. According to the American Dental Association, about 70% of braces are worn by females. If you’re considering Invisalign aligners for your teenager, here are five benefits you should know about.

1. Fewer Office Visits

Teenagers typically don’t want to spend a lot of time waiting for appointments and getting their teeth checked out by their dentist or orthodontist. If you’re looking for a simpler alternative to braces that doesn’t involve as many office visits, Invisalign is a solid choice as long as you’re following the guidelines.

2. Easy Cleaning

Keeping up with constant maintenance is one of the things that makes braces difficult for teenagers. Clear aligners, like Invisalign Teen, are easy to clean because there aren’t so many nooks and crannies where food can get caught. This makes it easier for teenagers to keep their teeth clean while in orthodontic treatment.

3. Subtlety

Many teenagers don’t want to wear braces because of the aesthetic associated with traditional braces. As a parent, you may hesitate to do anything that would negatively affect your teenager’s self-confidence. Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are a subtle alternative to braces that allow teenagers to align their teeth without worrying about how their orthodontic treatment impacts their appearance.

4. Enhanced Comfort

It’s no secret that braces can be uncomfortable, especially right after they are tightened or adjusted by a skilled orthodontist. If your teenager is worried about the soreness and discomfort caused by braces, clear aligners may be a better alternative. Invisalign aligners are generally considered to be much more comfortable than braces as they are custom fit to your unique smile. This allows your aligners to fit snuggly over your teeth and against your gums.

5. Noticeable Results

You don’t want to wear aligners or stick with a treatment plan for several months only to have your teeth look the same. One of the biggest reasons people keep choosing Invisalign aligners is the fact that they work, meaning your teenager doesn’t need braces to achieve noticeable results.

Raising a teenager isn’t easy, especially when it’s time for braces and other orthodontic treatments. Fortunately, Invisalign offers a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing alternative to braces, with several other benefits that teenagers love. If you’re considering Invisalign for your teenager, contact Orthodontics LA to learn more or schedule their complimentary consultation, today!