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5 Critical Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore When Choosing Adult Braces

Posted on November 17, 2020

adult braces

Well-aligned teeth not only give us a good smile, but they also improve our general health. According to statistics from the American Association of Orthodontists, approximately four million Americans wear braces. It’s apparent that well-aligned teeth are important not only for children and teenagers, but also adults.

So, where do you start your journey to wearing adult braces? Read on to learn more.

What You Should Know About Orthodontists

Once you identify a qualified orthodontist, schedule a consultation. An orthodontist thoroughly examines your teeth and gums to unearth issues with your dental occlusion or other underlying problems. Consultations provide the basis for any form of teeth or gum treatment. If you have been advised to start treatment with adult braces, there are the vital factors to consider.

Sometimes, an oral surgeon may also be involved to recommend the most efficient type of braces. As such, you need a comprehensive check-up before settling for any type of adult braces.

Time Frame for Healing

Adult bones and teeth are more mature, making them difficult to move. Therefore, braces for adults should have a powerful effect in order to bring the desired change over a short period of time. Braces like Invisalign, for example, have several treatment phases where aligners are changed over time. Surprisingly, they take a short time to produce desirable results. For those with jaw alignment issues, however, traditional braces will be essential. In most cases, adults will have to wear these braces for around two years, although it differs on your individual plan.

Maintenance and Comfort

In the course of wearing braces, you may be advised to avoid sticky food or sugary foods like apples as they may make cleaning your braces difficult. Some braces, like Invisalign, should be removed while eating, so be honest with your orthodontist to make sure you get what works best for you. Regardless, cleaning your teeth and your braces regularly is an essential component in maintaining a healthy mouth.


There are different types of braces you can wear to enhance your personal image. While some people are comfortable being seen with adult braces, others prefer discreet options. In this case, that is why they choose clear braces. Based on your preferences, choose what makes you feel attractive and confident despite being under treatment.


Well-being is a gradual process. You want to improve your health without breaking the bank. Some orthodontists offer payment plans that will not strain you financially. Others can allow you to use your dental insurance to cover the treatment. You should also choose braces that are affordable if you are on a tight budget.

If you put the above factors into consideration, there is no doubt that you will choose adult braces that will meet your unique needs. The orthodontist you choose should also be experienced and well-informed on current trends in orthodontics. Contact us today if you are looking for a reliable orthodontist in Encino.